About me 🙋🏽‍♀️

Squeeze is an app that helps people that work from home to manage their time effectively.


When working from home, have you ever been unproductive because you got distracted by social media? Have you ever been in the situation that after working all day long at home, you haven’t talked to anyone face to face? If you have worked remotely before, I am sure you have been in any of this situation.

I have been a freelancer for a while and I know how hard is to be working on your own sometimes. That is why I decided to tackle this problem.


Lean Survey Canvas

My approach was hypothesis driven, that is why I conducted a research to validate these assumptions.

The Lean Survey Canvas helped me to frame the survey. My goal was to know more about peoples’ routine and the emotional problems when working from home. I wanted to specifically learn the following:

  • Do they follow a daily work routine?
  • How do they structure their daily work-oriented tasks?
  • Do they use any specific methodology for time managing?
  • Are there any downsides when working from home?
  • What do they get distracted by?

Survey Findings

 Get easily disracted mainly by Social Media, but also by home duties
Feel loneliness 
Follow their own routine

Makes a to-do list with priorirty