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This cutlery set aims to smooth over some of the potential anxiety of a first date dining experience by facilitating good table etiquette and encouraging interaction. The cutlery form responds directly to appropriate advice in Debrett’s Etiquette, enhancing the prospect of correct use and diminishing that of an unfortunate faux-pas. Both parties can consequently relax, focus less on formality and more on pleasure.

I have designed a cutlery set comprising of a soup spoon, knife, fork, and dessert spoon. The collection explores the interaction between objects, people and table manners in a dinner context, particularly in a face-to-face first date scenario. Bon appetite!

It is the beginning, which counts – hence the first impression is key. The soup spoon is designed to support a modern etiquette experience while having a soup, with the shape supporting correct use from the side of the spoon.

Main Course
The knife and fork are designed to stimulate conversation, so dinners can result in knowing each other better. An especially built-in magnet promotes crossing fork and knife like swords. This encourages short breaks from eating and a willingness to chat.

As the rendezvous builds up over the evening, the dessert spoon´s mission is to provoke more direct interaction. Therefore its shape is characterized by an oval bowl, which was turned 180º. This allows sharing one dish and feeding one another confidently.